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Photography Testimonials

Tiffany developed our website and also the great pics within it. At each stage she was creative, forward-looking and patient; she produced the shots and website image we were hoping for as well as giving us lots of other ideas to consider. – Louisa Coates

I hired Tiffany to produce a series of photos for me that were to be included in a proposal to the US Government. It was a difficult task as it involved making office based staff look as though their jobs were exciting and dynamic. I also wanted the photos to help the proposal evaluators form a relationship with the individuals in the pictures. Tiffany worked really hard with all of the people to produce fantastic photos that really leap off the page. She was easy to work with and technically very skilled. I would not hesitate to use Tiffany again and I highly recommend her as a photographer and a business photographer. She was very flexible and creative within significant constraints. Other people commented that it is the photographs in our proposal that make the difference to it as a business document. – Sarah Wiseman

It was a real pleasure working with Tiffany. I found her to be an extremely friendly and professional individual with great ideas and creative input with her work. She was also very affordable and gave you a good option of the type of package she can provide. I will for sure choose to work with her again in the future. – Patricia Pluvinage, August 11, 2011

I can’t really recommend Tiffany enough! Highly professional and easy to work with. The results were what was required and to the highest of standards. – Mathew Curtis, Musician,  August 9, 2011

Tiffany is a talented and highly skilled photographer. She really knows her stuff, manages to get the best out of any subject and is a pleasant person to work with. I had the pleasure of having some portrait photos taken for my actor file – people who saw the pictures actually thought I was a model, which I think aptly illustrates Tiffany’s commendable skills! – Niels van Loon

Beautiful and thoughtful photography – people always comment on my photos (which are proudly displayed) as they look thoroughly professional. – Josie Campbell

The most important quality of Tiffany’s that strikes one, and that flows across all of these functions is unrelenting drive, tons of passion and an immaculate eye for thoroughness. As a subject and as someone who’s an admirer of her photography, I love the way she blends capturing of people and performances, along with the wonderful graphic forms one sees in her architectural work. Wonderful, for someone so young. – Jamal Iqbal

Workshop Testimonials

Just wanted to say another “thank you” for the past four weeks. Everything I have learnt during my classes has been such a help to my learning and I am so glad I found you as my teacher. – Tanja Djekic

Tiffany is a highly talented and focused photographer who inspires on many levels: with her captivating photography and as a teacher through her dynamic, expert and encouraging courses. – Franscine Spiering

I joined Tiffany’s photography class on Saturday afternoons because I had a Panasonic camera and wanted to be able to use it properly. The course was very enjoyable as everyone, particularly Tiffany is so passionate about photography. She was very enthusiastic throughout the course and did her best to help each student to achieve their individual goals in the use of their own camera. It was fun, interesting and not too technical and she is a great teacher as she is so interactive. I don’t think I received a single sheet of notes as everything was available from her via email or online. I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to improve their photography in a fun and interactive way. – Irene Li

Tiffany , it was a great class and the way you unfolded the mystery made it so simple nd interesting .. You are doing a great job … Keep it up! – Anoop Nair

Tiffany,your tips have been of great help for me. I keep reading the cd notes that you gave us, just to brush up my memory on all that was taught. Although they were just for a brief period, those classes have helped me a lot. Nowadays I always find myself looking for the right composition, the different ‘textures and tonal values’ and colour contrast in each and every picture that I take and also in those taken by others.

The interactive session that we had in our last class was great! Because of that ,I have started to observe the things around me more than what I used to before. So,thank you ! – Shivangi

Probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my photography career was take the “Intro to Digital Photography” workshop with Tiffany Schultz. I’ve learned a lot and my photography skills took an amazing turn. Something I always tell the people who ask me about the workshop: “It doesn’t just teach you how to use the camera, but it also teach you how to see things differently as a photographer” – Musab Al Kindi

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class Today. I know it takes a lot of effort and patience to teach basic communication methods and technical skills at the same time but you managed to keep us all interested and we also had fun. I particularly loved working with the models and learned so much about the importance of communication while trying to capture the essence and feel in each pose. – Yasaman Tahmasebi

Many thanks for the excellent Photography course. It was practical, interesting and educative. And your own passion and intimate knowledge of the subject were inspiring. – Raju Aneja

I LOVED the course and learned an incredible lot. –  Francine Spiering

Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the course.  The classes have a good balance of explaining the technical aspects and then letting us experiment on the practical.  I am sure that it would be very easy to confuse us with too much information without any practical application.  I also enjoy the fact that your enthusiasm for photography is contagious and you seem to bring that out in the class too. – Kathryn Mayes

Hey Tiffany, thanks for a great course! I know now what all the buttons do. – Tim Lee

Thank you again for this course Tiffany! I’m sorry to see the class end… I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit. – Dora Mills

Thanks so much Tiffany! I’m so glad I took this course, I have learned sooo much! At last I don’t feel lost when it comes to Apperture, ISO & f-stops, thanks for educating … had a great time. – Samira Ahmed Khan

Proud to be one of your students. –  Amr El Haddad

Thanks a lot Tiff! had a great time doing the assignments and learned a lot! – Reema Batheja

Definitely a fantastic experience! I can’t wait to get my own camera and start clicking!! Thanks everyone for your suggestions and comments, and Tiffany for your expertise and instructions. It was so great to meet everyone! – Amanda Reid

Four fabulous Fridays exploring my camera! Enjoyed the sessions and learnt a lot from everyone’s work through assignments, tnx guys. Keep sharing your work on FB. – Balakrishna Murthy

Thanks for all your help, Tiffany, and thanks to all for their great company! – Tim Lee

The classwork was very comprehensive and well conducted; learnt some great tricks…Thanks. – Imran Ahmed

The photography course is great!  I love the fact that we get hands on experience! – Evelyn Davies

This is just to thank you once again for the amazing amount of topics, concepts, and know-how you taught us in a so short period of time!! A real concentrate of knowledge! Bravo! – Georges Toutounji

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