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Star Trails: Dibba

I just got back from a camping trip in the Dibba mountains. I was really looking forward to getting some decent star trails, as I have attempted it before on the roof of my building, but with the haze and city lights it is nearly impossible to see more than a handful of stars and it is not very effective. In Dibba, at this time of the year, secluded in the mountains you get a profound darkness, and when the moon has set, the stars are a twinkling, diamond-studded blanket overhead, quite breathtaking!

I set up my tripod and remote shutter, and took a series of 25-30 min exposures throughout the night. Unfortunately you tend to get some noise and aberrations at such long shutter speeds, but this can be resolved with some post-processing, or by doing a series of shorter exposures and stacking them. I was quite pleased with the results, but as it was a social camping trip, I wasn’t disciplined enough to get enough to locate the north star to create a full star trail swirl, but I’ll save that for another trip!

I really love the rocky, martian landscape of these beautiful mountains.

2 Responses to Star Trails: Dibba

  1. Musab says:

    Amazing shots. I hope I can take some of these one day. I must get my remote shutter!

  2. admin says:


    I will be holding some photography workshops out there in Dibba next year, so stay in touch!


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